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Winter holiday at Gold Coast, Australia

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It was a 6-day trip to Gold Coast. We reached there on 29 Jul 2014 and left on 4 Aug 2014. 

It was my first time flying via Scoot Airlines. I bought the air ticket during promo period at SGD 564.84 for 2 pax (without food and check-in baggage). My boyfriend’s sis bought the air tickets at twice the price I paid, during non-promo period. That’s why if you are as budget as me, always look out for promo. 🙂 The flight there was rather long though. We departed Singapore at 0145 hr, transitted at Sydney at 1130 hr and reached Gold Coast at 1355 hr. During the transit at Sydney, we had to alight the plane and go through the security check before boarding the same flight again. As Scoot makes use of old SIA planes, the interior of the plane is spacious. For the price paid and the comfort of the seat, I will definitely recommend Scoot. 

View from the plane while arriving at Gold Coast…

I rented a car via Scoot website. The car rental company is called Alpha. When we reached Gold Coast airport, we made a call to Alpha and a purple shuttle bus came to fetch us to the car rental place to fetch our car. Here are the costs involved for renting Nissan Tilda for 6 days:

Car rental: EUR 152 (AUD 220/ SGD264)
GPS + Young driver (below 25 years old) charge + Insurance: AUD 307

This is the waiting area for the shuttle bus.

We stayed at Palazzo Colonnades. It has a swimming pool, barbecue pit, gym, sauna, recreational room etc. We wanted to play pool at the recreational room but the cue sticks were missing. Carpark is available.

We paid AUD 768 for 6 nights for a 2-bedroom apartment. The plus point is that the kitchen is well-equipped. This is especially useful as eating out in Australia is expensive. It is much cheaper to buy groceries from Woolworths and prepare your own food. The minus point is that WIFI is not free. You have to pay additional charges in order to use the WIFI. We paid around AUD 45 to use the WIFI for 5 days. Another point to note is that the room looks smaller than what the picture on the website displays. 

The apartment is not right in front of the beach. Still, it is of close proximity that you can admire the beautiful scenery from the balcony. That is it, if your room is at a higher level of the building. Our room is at level 10, the highest level of the building.

Day 1
As we spent most of the daytime travelling and settling down, our sole attraction of the day was Infinity at Chevron Renaissance (parking is free for the first 2 hours). It is a maze-like world with special effects. Unknowingly, we located the door to the next spot too quickly and as a result, we reached the end of the journey within a short time. If you are trying out this attraction, do spend more time admiring the special effects. The journey takes around half an hour.

After Infinity, we had a chocolate break at Max Brenner nearby.

Day 2
Sea World was a short driving trip from our accommodation. We bought VIP combo pass which grants us unlimited access to Sea World, Movie World and Wet n Wild for a year. Each combo pass costs AUD 99.99. So far, for the attractions that I went to, parking is free. 


This is an interesting ride whereby you have to pull the rope in order to lift your seat up. Although this ride looks kiddish, it is definitely no joke when you reach the top – I could really feel the height, although it wasn’t that high as compared to crazy rides at the real theme parks. Good thing is I could control the speed at which I descended, given that I could adjust the pace at which I released the rope. 

3d movie at Sea World!



It was so cool that that when we were on the Gondola, the wearer of the water flyboard flew towards our Gondola during his performance. 

After Seaworld, we drove to Harbour Town Outlet Shopping Centre. I still feel that US factory/ premium outlets are better. The deals here are not that fantastic. We did not buy many things in the end.

At night, we walked to Cavil Mall, where we played tenpin bowling. It is a rather hip bowling alley. The pins are not glow-in-the-dark as I have thought, rather lights shine on them. It is on the pricey side though – 1 game costs AUD 15 per pax. Good to experience once.

Day 3
I drove around 21 km to Movie World – took about 20 mins. Went past an expressway of which the speed limit was 110km/h, but it was not a long drive at this particular expressway. 
This part of the Movie World reminds me of Universal Studio Singapore. 
We caught a 4d movie at the Roxy theater. 

Kids’ world:

Stunt drivers’ show was really the highlight of the day. It was simply cool to watch those drivers pull off those amazing and dangerous stunts. Be sure to catch the show if you are there.

Wild West falls is not just how it looks like from the front. The ride has more surprises than expected. 


We were also surprised to see a parade of popular characters. 

I tried the Superman Escape, Batwing Spaceshot and Green Lantern Coaster rides. Unfortunately, Scooby-Doo spooky coaster was closed for the day – it looks interesting from outside.

For those who do not wish to have too much thrill, Hall of Justice is an interesting indoor shooting ride. 

At the end of an exciting day, we made a trip to Woolsworth to do our groceries shopping. It was so convenient to have a car. 

Day 4
We dropped by Wet n Wild the next morning as Movie World took up the entire day. The rides at the water theme park look fun but we did not enter the water as it was too cold for us. Wet n Wild is just 8 km away from Movie World. 

Paradise Country is very close to Wet n Wild as well – had to drive further in. It was a place where we got to see sheep, Emu, Kangaroos and Koala bears. 

Sheep sheering show was interesting as well.

In the late afternoon, we had a road trip to Natural Bridge, Springbrook National Park. It was around 50 km drive and the roads are windy at certain parts. The views are spectacular. 

Natural bridge was a slight disappointment. Probably because I had derived some expectation after my trip to Taroko National Park in Taiwan 2 months back. Natural bridge comprises of a small circuit with not much view. The waterfall below is the best view available.

If you do not have much time to spare, you can drop by this place, only at night – as viewing glow worms is the highlight here – and the glow can only be seen at night. Given that glow worms was the only highlight of this attraction and there are other places such as Tamborine mountain where you can view glow worms as well (but you have to pay there), I was partially doubtful as to whether this place was worth the long and tiring drive. 

You have to click on the picture to see the enlarged version in order to spot the glow.

After dinner, we went to have a walk at Surfer Paradise beachfront market. This market is opened every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. It is just opposite Cavil Mall.

Day 5
Another road trip – this time to Tamborine Mountain. The view is also splendid! It was another 50 km drive to the mountain – the roads are windy. Some roads are steep and I had to press the accelerator more for my pathetic car to climb up.

We stopped by this scenic spot, where we witnessed a man paragliding off the mountain. It was so cool. I don’t think I have the courage to go on a solo flying trip. 

We then went to this winery where we had a picnic/lunch. 

We had our wine tasting session here – paid AUD 3 per pax to taste 5 different kinds of wine. 

Encountered a tree with maple leaves there…

We continued our drive to Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk. It costs AUD 20 per pax. 20140802_134847
We continued to drive and alighted to view the Curtis Falls.

Not sure if this is worth the walk. :p

On our way home, we stopped by Surfer Paradise beach. The beach is beautiful but it was too cold and windy to hang out there for long. 

After dinner, we drove to Room 81 at Sofitel hotel to have desserts. My boyfriend’s sister found online that the desserts here are good. It is a nice place to chill.

After which, we drove to Jupiter hotel, which is just opposite, to visit the Casino.

The atrium bar was a happening place. If you are out with friends, this is a place to have fun and dance your night away.

My boyfriend and I went to have a quieter time to ourselves at the bar at the second level. We ordered 2 cocktails.

Day 6
In the morning, we drove for about 7 km to Carrara Market. It is only opened on weekends. Some of the shops sell rather interesting items. Some items are also sold at affordable price. 

20140803_113426  20140803_112347  20140803_112902

We had lunch buffet at Bazaar, QT hotel. As it is a boutique hotel, the interior is nicely designed. There wasn’t a very vast selection of food but generally, the food was decent. The crabs lacked taste but the prawns were big and fresh. Scallop was not bad too. Desserts include macaroons. 

It was a pity that the trip ended in a flash. We were happy everyday, going on road trips. Special thanks to boyfriend’s mum and sis for cooking such wonderful meals and boyfriend for being such a lovely companion. 

Now, I really miss the days at Gold Coast.


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