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Countdown to 2015 at Johor Bahru

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Decided to spend a night at Johore Bahru, Malaysia for countdown. It was definitely a worthwhile short getaway, filled with fun activities.

My boyfriend and I left for JB early on the 31st, at around 12 plus. We took bus 950 from Woodlands interchange and it brought us to Woodlands Checkpoint then to Malaysia custom.  Journey was smooth. To our delight, there wasn’t even much queue at the Malaysia custom. We did manage to avoid the crowd by leaving early. Some employees got full day off, some half day while some had to work for the full day. Not sure though whether custom was packed with people in the later part of afternoon and at night.


We watched ‘Night at the museum’ at City Square, a mall just opposite the custom. I do frequent JB, especially for movies. Movie tickets there are cheaper. Good way to save a bit of money while enjoying the latest movies released. ‘Night at the museum’ was indeed entertaining and there were quite a number of amusing scenes.


Did my express manicure and pedicure at the Nails Studio in the same mall. Was a bit regretful to do it so soon because I found out later that nails service is much cheaper at Taman Sutera, our next destination. With the same amount of money, I could have done nailart.

We then took a cab to Taman Sutera. It costs RM25. Here, we checked into Mood Hotel, a boutique hotel. This is the lobby area.


We booked a Deluxe Mezzanine Queen Suite (RM268) and a Superior Queen room (RM148). According to the hotel staff here, no additional bed will be provided.

Here are pictures of the Deluxe Mezzanine Queen Suite.





Although the room looks much smaller than what the pictures on the internet portrayed, it was definitely a pleasant stay in this room. The Superior Queen room, on the other hand, is much smaller – there isn’t much room to walk.

In my humble opinion, Mood Hotel does live up to its name. Even the corridor is well – lit, creating a pleasant atmosphere.


My boyfriend’s mum, sis and sis’s bf joined us at night. We ate seafood for dinner. The place’s signature dish is its 妈蜜螃蟹。The consensus at the table was that the sauce has a weird taste. We don’t really appreciate it.

We also ordered salted egg crab. It was quite decent but rather dry. Could have been better if there was more sauce.

So in all, we thought it would have been better if we have eaten at other places. Especially so as Taman Sutera is an area that isn’t lack of food.

Our countdown was spent in the karaoke lounge. We sang to our heart at 星光大道。We paid RM180 (membership price) in total for a 3-hour session in a medium-sized room. The room is spacious enough for the 5 of us. The system is user-friendly – there is one touch-screen on the right for song selection and there is also another screen in the middle which u can select songs using a mouse. There are 1 big and 1 small screens for ktv displays. We had 2 free jugs of drinks which lasted us for the entire session. Honey was in the drinks selection and it was naturally a good choice for your throat during singing session. The only flip side is that the song system is such that it is difficult to hear your own voice while singing into the mic. I have been to several KTVs especially when it is my parents’ favourite pastime. In other KTV lounges, I could always hear my own voice. It is important as hearing your own voice can help you to evaluate how you are singing and whether you are singing to your expectation. Nonetheless, countdown in KTV was pretty cool. When it was nearing twelve, the screens in all the rooms were showing the countdown video and people from different rooms were all high and excited. Definitely an enjoyable way to count down.

We sang until 2 am. Typically, we chose 情歌王as our last song to wrap up our singing session. Overall, it was fun.

On our way back to the hotel, we were attracted by the super loud music from the bar below. The atmosphere was high.

The next morning, we had dim sum breakfast at 记得吃。Here, you don’t order from the menu. The shop assistant would bring the dim sum to you for you to select. Overall, the food was decent. The custard bun was good because the custard could flow. At many other places, the custard inside was usually dry – other than a few good places such as imperial. The soya beancurd there is refreshing as it has orange slice added to it.

We saw good review of Moonlight cafe online so we dropped by to try the cakes. As a feedback from the rest, the fact that they sell some cakes in smaller portions is good as you get to order and try different types of cakes with the same amount of money.

At noon, we played UP at EscapeRoom in Sutera Mall. It costs us RM36 per person. UP is only rated 3 stars in term of its difficulty level so the puzzles are manageable. Quite worth a try if you are a beginner and afraid of scary elements. UP has a more cheerful environment as compared to the typical dark and spooky environment.

After which, we had Aroma Oil massage, which costs RM88 for an hour session. My first time trying aroma oil type. It was a bit on the painful side initially but towards the middle, it was so comfortable that I was almost sleeping. The thing about having aroma oil is that when they rubbed against ur body, it was a smooth action. It felt good. However, for me, I may have preferred a Thai massage as I will prefer to have my entire body stretched. The massage parlor we went was a high-class one. Overall, the service was good. At the end of the session, we were served a cup of hot tea and herbal jelly. The only flip side was that my masseuse stopped in her action once when she talked to another masseuse nearby.

For lunch/tea time, we ate at Beijing Lou, just beside Sutera Mall. Even though it is a high class restaurant, the food was really more affordable after converting the price to SGD.

We really love the 星洲米粉(xing zhou mi fen). It was so tasty. We also ordered the Peking Duck. Overall, we were satisfied with our meals there.

It was an enjoyable 2 days 1 night trip. JB was really worthwhile to go as we managed to do so many activities without spending too much. Things are really more affordable there. Moreover, it was a good getaway from the city that we are living in. All in all, it was definitely a good start of the year. (:


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