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19-21 Oct 17

The flight from Athens to Mykonos took 50 mins or less. As soon as we took off, we were about to land. View of Mykonos from the plane gave us the impression that the island was bare and uninteresting.

We stayed at Carbonaki hotel, a family-owned boutique hotel. The receptionist was helpful in answering any questions that we had. The hotel was well-located within Mykonos town and we could walk into the main streets easily.

The harbour makes a pleasant place for a leisure stroll. Restaurants and cafes along this stretch offer good view of the sea, especially during sunrise and sunset.

Walk up to the iconic photo-taking spot, the Windmills of Kato Mili.

Mykonos is a cat village, I must say. Cats are everywhere and unlike the cats in other places, these cats do not really meow.

We went to two beaches – first is Ornos, followed by Paradise beach. Paid 1.80 Euro for a single-trip bus journey.

Ornos is just… beach. Really a place for suntanning, people-watching, chilling in general.

Paradise beach is more happening comparatively. It is a famous place for beach partying. In fact, Mykonos would be bustling with people during the summer period. Since we went in October, the crowd had already dispersed and there were only several souls dancing at the beach club.

Greek food that we ate at Mykonos:

22 Oct 17

We dragged our luggages to the old port, took a water taxi for 2 Euro to the new port. We had already purchased Champion Jet ferry tickets in advance online. This was the largest ferry that I had boarded so far.

Upon entering, everyone left their luggages on the racks and moved upstairs for seats. The ferry was so stable that we didn’t realise that it had started to sail.

Refer to the next post on Santorini!


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