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22 to 28 Oct 17

Upon reaching Thira port at Athinios, we were greeted by locals who asked us whether we wanted to rent car or take taxi. A man quoted us 40 Euro for a taxi ride from the port to Oia. We went for the budget route of taking the local bus instead.

View from the bus

I must say the local bus system is surprisingly established and organised, covering most or all of the areas. All buses depart from Fira. So if you are at other locations, you have to go back to Fira first before going to another place. If you do not intend to drive, rely on the local bus to get around, and if accommodation in Fira works well within your budget, go for it. Each bus journey costs around 1.80 Euro.

We spent the first three nights in a modern cave-styled room at Fileria Suite in Oia. Across the road is Melitini, which serves Greek Tapas.

We sat down comfortably at the reception, being served dessert wine and chocolate. The receptionist gave us an introduction and basic information on Santorini. This is what I like about the two hotels I have visited in Greece.

There was also a breakfast menu to select our choices from and breakfast was served just outside our room at an agreed timing.

Oia is a pretty town.

There are less cats roaming the streets as compared to Mykonos but there are more dogs.

At Oia, we climbed 300 steps down to Amoudi Bay, a great place to enjoy seafood with sunset view. The route down is the same route as the one taken by donkey hence the walk became more complicated with the challenge of avoiding dung. You can take a taxi down also.

Unfortunately, on the evening we went down to Amoudi Bay, we couldn’t catch sunset due to the cloudy sky.

I saw around three restaurants there. We ate at Sunset Tarvana. We chose one of the tables at the edge.

If you are a fan of hiking and scenery, I would recommend taking the hiking trail. We hiked from Oia to Fira for three hours. It was a scenic hike. The climb might get a little difficult at times due to the slope, height and path but overall, it was a manageable one. The hike was about 8km long.

On one of the days, we engaged a Greek photographer for wedding photoshoots. The venues covered are a village in Emporio, Oia, a church at Imerovigli, Abyssanto suites and spa, a white church at an Archeological site and Eros beach.

We spent the last two nights at an Airbnb at Kamari, closer to the airport.

I would advise to just stay at Oia or Fira throughout the trip. Kamari is a much quieter town instead. It is famous for its black sand beach. When we were there, very few souls were on the street.

One of the stops along the route in between Kamari and Fira is the Wine museum. We paid 9 Euro each for the audio-guided tour and wine tasting.

All in all, Santorini is a must-go destination in Greece.


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